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As previously reported, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum claimed in a long Facebook post on Saturday, January 13, that Kramer, then 36, sexually assaulted her […] Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin‘s husband, Bobby Zarin, died at the age of 71 on Saturday, January 13, after a long battle with cancer.

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Great location to reach different points in Metro Manila if you hate traffic. You can't beat the variety of excellent Chinese food offerings at Li Li.

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Greeklish, a portmanteau of the words Greek and English, also known as Grenglish, Latinoellinika/Λατινοελληνικά or ASCII Greek, is the Greek language written using the Latin alphabet.

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As Koch explained in a 2003 essay, the collage included “everything from Humphrey Bogart to Christian radio dramas [and] the gang.” During the mastering process in November 1993, Geffen balked at the idea of clearing all the samples, so Koch, Matt Sharp and Mykel Allan quickly created the now-infamous “party dialogue,” which was recorded in Cuomo’s garage in Los Angeles, mixed down and sent back to New York City just in time to make the cut for mastering.

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"People seemed to feel they had the right to comment on our relationship simply because of the age gap." On the other hand, Sarah Bannister, who has been married for 11 years, has never felt the age gap in her relationship - 15 years - has been an issue: "I'd always liked older men, and there was a 17 year age gap between my parents so it was normal to me.

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