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I was with a friend that I had gone road tripping with, and we stayed at my boyfriend's house for a night while we were on holiday.

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Through photographs, text and archival documents, the exhibition recounts a struggle within a struggle: the 26 years Walter Sisulu spent in jail and the impact this had on his family and his “other family”, the ANC.

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Each system can thus go through its 200 mutations in 100 seconds and then, if it is unsuccessful, start over for a new try. All this means that the chance that any kind of a 200-component integrated functioning organism could be developed by mutation and natural selection just once, anywhere in the world, in all the assumed expanse of geologic time, is less than one chance out of a billion trillion.

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Valentino claimed in an interview with in November 2014 that Cosby drove her and her roommate up to an apartment in the Hollywood Hills, where she alleges that he forced her to perform oral sex and then, Valentino claims, he raped her."What kind of credibility did I have?

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