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e the hottest people to ever walk the face of the earth.He started out playing the guitar while his Ryan ross did the vocals, but one day when they heard him do backups in a rehearsal they unanimously decided to give him the spot of lead singer.The single, ‘I write sins not tragedies” became huge in selling list with 1.8 million sales.Afterward, he along with his band released 3 more albums, “Pretty Odd”, “Vices & Virtues”, and “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! After all the band members left one by one, he is the only original member left in the band. His net worth is estimated to be around million. Brendon is active on the Facebook, Instagram, and [email protected] Urie930 y dont you take a f***in chill pill....i was kiddin everyone wishes they could be brendons girlfriend...i still do..i guess with you no one can coz if we do we get yelled at...please tell me you were kidding when you sed that sh*t???oh btw i heard he and sarah broke up..i saw picutres of them dancing at his sisters wedding on buzznet??Are you interested to grab information regarding his love life?If yes, keep on reading this article, you will know all about his love life, married life, and their children. Now, Urie is a married man and Brendon Urie's married life with wife Sarah Orzechowski is going smoothly as silk.

He used to sing in a band and now he is the only remaining original member.

he used to drop my food and beat me up in little corners. I remember knocking his food out of his hand one time when he in the middle of explaining something to his friends, and they all laughed, so I thought that was pretty nice. Talented Brendon is active in the music industry since 2004. Brendon initiated his music career since his high school days.

'Well, there you go buddy.'Utah-born Brendon Urie is the lead vocalist of an American rock band, “Panic! Presently, he is the only remaining member of the band, “Panic! He along with his childhood friends Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson formed “Panic! They were still in high school when they recorded their demo.

Also, she captioned in one of the Instagram posts that she is NEVER going to have any children.

Well, she might just be kidding and Sarah seems to be attached to the kids.

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Both of them are 30, so they might be waiting to take a perfect care of children.

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