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Each user is bound with the rules of these General terms and conditions for use as of the initial entry on the web site until its leaving. shall grant goods to its users/customers by means of the Internet shop WWW. After click on the button "ORDER", the user agrees to buy the goods which are in his basket. The customer receives order confirmation and by receiving this confirmation is considered that the contract is concluded. KENSOL LTD reserves the right to cancel the delivery of confirmed order in case that the goods are not available. KENSOL LTD shall not be responsible on how the monitor of the customer is set and how as a result of this he sees the color.2.4. If the customer wants to combine upper and lower part he shall order both parts individually. EU – THE E-TRADE WEB SITE OF "KENSOL" LTDThe web site WWW. EU offers opportunity for buying the submitted products as they are delivered directly to the customer at the address indicated by the same or upon request from office of Speedy courier service. This document contains General terms and conditions according to which KENSOL LTD. The identification of the user/customer with the purpose of reproduction of his statement as for the approval of the General terms and conditions as well as for the made order, is made by storage in log-files on the server of WWW. EU, storage at the IP address of the user/customer, as well as any other information.1.3. For preciseness the colors have numbers as in this way is aimed the avoidance of the different name of one and the same color.When the bank confirms the authenticity the amount shall be deducted by the card. After the exercising the right of withdrawal the last undertakes to return the received goods as a whole, in the same condition as they have been delivered with integral package fit for further sale to other customers together with all documents supporting them. undertakes to reimburse the amounts paid by the customer. The user/customer is entitled to inform itself about the status of its order.7.3. Each user no matter if he is customer of KENSOL LTD. The customer undertakes to indicate an exact and valid telephone, delivery address and e-mail address, to pay the goods price, to pay the delivery costs, when the same is not free, and to provide access and possibility for goods receiving. KENSOL LTD does not have the obligation and the objective possibility to control the manner by which the consumers use the rendered services.8.2. KENSOL LTD shall not be responsible to the consumers and third parties for suffered damages and lost profits which have occurred as a result of termination, suspension, change or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss, lack of authentication, incorrectness or incompleteness of messages, materials or information, transferred, used, recorded or became available by WWW. KENSOL LTD shall not be responsible for damages caused on the software, hardware or telecommunication facilities or for loss of data arisen of materials or resources, searched, loaded or used in any manner by means of the rendered services.

KENSOL LTD undertakes not to disclose any personal data about the customer to third parties - public authorities, companies, individuals etc.The transport costs by return of the delivered goods to the company are for customer`s account. In case that the claim is reasonable the customer may opt the manner for claim satisfaction - by replacement of the goods with new ones, conforming to the entered sales contract or repair if the replacement is impossible.6.4. KENSOL LTD is entitled to collect and use information regarding its users/customers.8.6.The customer is not entitled to claim the reimbursement of paid amount or price decrease if KENSOL LTD agrees on claim satisfaction by any of the two manners indicated above.6.5. The information under the previous article may be used by KENSOL LTD, unless in the cases of explicit disagreement of the user sent on the indicated e-mail address.At payments by Visa and Mastercard are accepted only SET transactions (safe electronic transaction).After check if the card is included in the SET system, the system is connected with the bank which issued the card in order to permit the purchase to the buyer. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL OF THE PURCHASED GOODSThe customer is entitled without owing compensation and without stating a reason to decline the entered contract within 7 working days, as of the day of goods receiving. is entitled at any time without notification to the user/customer, when the last uses the services in breach of these provisions as well as by estimation of KENSOL LTD to terminate, suspend or change the rendered services regarding the web site use. KENSOL LTD after the payment receiving undertakes to transfer to the user/customer the title on the goods ordered for purchase, to deliver in due time the goods ordered for purchase, to check for the quality of each article before it is being sent (in case that this is possible without breaching the package integrity).8.4.

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