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Spyrix Free Parental Control is absolutely free software for protecting children from visiting unsafe and suspicious sites in the Internet.

The program allows closing access to blacklist sites, to categories of sites (like Adult, dating, social network) and to the pages containing specific words from keywords blacklist.

In addition to blacklist sites it is also possible to create Alert list sites.

Websites from this list won’t be blocked; however, the program will create a detailed log of visits these sites.

Après avoir profité de la piscine extérieure, vous pourrez reprendre des forces au restaurant ou vous détendre autour d'un verre dans l'un des 2 bars/salons.

“If you’re going around with a chip on your shoulder, that chip will come off at some point on the first three dates,” she warns.

“If you’re having drinks with somebody and talking about what a jerk your ex was and all the things you plan to do in return, your date is going to run out of there.” Those who think they can get away with exacting some kind of revenge unscathed may also discover how wrong they are after the deed’s been done.

Some key cars; others dump mildewed love seats (an apt metaphor if ever there was one) onto an old flame’s lawn.

Still others, like Seattle area marketing executive Anne H., come up with small — but creative — forms of payback.

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