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we're also not thrilled at the idea of Travis Scott, her rebound guy, suddenly being in her life forever because she got pregnant. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

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The German beauty's debut range for the downmarket company premiered at New York Fashion Week earlier this year, and hit stores in September.

The first range included a leopard-print blazer, tops, bomber jackets, skinny jeans, and leather and lace pieces.

Though Kylie and Travis have yet to actually confirm the news of their expected daughter, it's the worst kept secret in Hollywood.

The couple and some friends were parked Sunday off the coast of Antibes in the South of France. Good to see Vito's still showering Heidi with roses, not that she hasn't been kissed by them before.

We're also sure that Tyga misses Kylie's feet because, yeah, the dude has a major foot fetish.

", over a few text messages, basically told his ex that, I miss you, still love you and would treat you better than your man is." See, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been fighting over where to spend Christmas, and Kylie is probably an emotional wreck right now since she's pregnant and her baby daddy is touring instead of being by her side.

In April, Kylie started seeing Travis Scott, because apparently she has a type and that type is D-list rappers.

And, when you take Kylie's due date of February the 4th and do a little informed math, her date of conception comes out to somewhere between May 9th and May 14th.

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