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And then he finds out she is going to be partners with a white boy in a dance contest.

Then the black ghetto kid is all like "He only wants to be your partner so he can win."And she says, "Well he'd be pretty stupid if he wanted to dance with me cause he thought I'd lose."Then the black kid calls her all sorts of name and she forms a black girl's club but all the sistas at Eastland are like Condie Rice, you know oreo cookies. I've seen documentaries on the show where Charlotte and Mindy mention Lear as being the man in charge.

Edna's Edibles burned down and the '80's kitschy Over our Heads replaced it, the hair got enourmously big on the girls and the lighting and cinematography as well as new cameras were all updated given the show a very "pastel" look.

Also serious storylines like a student at Eastland kills herself or Tootie runs off to NYC where she's almost tricked into prostitution are replaced by more light, fun storylines.

The sad fact is that for a stand up comic she wasn't funny at all.

The thing that irratated me the most was that she was in her last episode towards the end of Season 5 and then gone.

Flah forward a year, "Square Pegs" is canceled and many SP personnel are shuttled over to FOL and Jami Gertz is cast as a similar character as Muffy.

I like the episode where she was all upset because the poor black kid said she was rich and acted too white.

Cloris Leachman shows up with her feminine son, who is clearly the product of artificial insemination, to show the other women how to be same sex parents.

She screams her lines and emphasizes every point, even when she's face-to-face with other actors.

To show petulance, she rocks back and forth, almost in and out of frame, as she shouts her lines (again).

Nancy Mc Keon, as Jo, was sort of flat and predictable, but Lisa Whelchel always gave Blair a quirky, interesting spin on what could have been a stereotypical rich girl. I actually prefer the 2 Edna's Edible seasons more than the Eastland years, the writing was much better as was the acting and the show REALLY started to have an '80's feel.

Season 6 is probably my favorite season there's the classic Cruisung episode, the episode where Jo and the gang fill in a DJ'S at Langley's radio station, the spring break two-parter, the drive in episode and the video diary episode when Natalie graduates from Eastland and a former students interviews the whole cast to hear what made Eastland so special.

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