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I cupped a hand over her sex, slipping a finger into the orifice that was now dripping our combined liquors. I twisted my finger around inside her for a few seconds, making her moan, then drew it out and touched it to her lips. Come stand over here." I patted the outside edge of the bed to the right of where I was sitting. She rolled off the opposite side of the bed and came around to stand beside me, her eyes bright and inquisitive. It was just a matter of getting her to admit it to herself and say it out loud. "I'm looking forward to it." "And there will be harsher discipline as well." "Will you hurt me? We also watched some of the live bdsm feeds where each girl is tormented in real time over the course of several hours while members of the site contribute suggestions via an internet chat hookup for increasing her suffering. I kept my hand on her sex as we watched and the more brutal the torture the wetter she became.A look of incredulity swept across her face — she had obviously never thought of such a thing before. I knew I had to have this girl and I knew if she was not yet in love with me, she soon would be. She looked offended, apparently thinking that having quenched my sexual need, I was about to dismiss her. During this period (about two months) I also had lots of help from my many friends in the lifestyle.Startled, she started to pull her legs up, so I grabbed her knees, forced them apart, climbed between them and rammed myself into her. I'm not sure I know you all that well." "I intended to scare you a little, because that's what you want. "You were a little embarrassed tonight when I ordered you to strip," I went on, "and humiliated when I made you stand naked while I examined you. But it all translated eventually into erotic pleasure, didn't it? I picked her up, gently placed her face down on the bed and carefully licked those wonderfully crimson mounds until she was fully relaxed again and cooing. Her education began by putting her at the safe distance of an observer.She cried out and squirmed, but I paid no attention, pumping rapidly until I exploded inside her. It's what you've been craving all these years; rough sex, the feeling of being raped. By now I was hard again, so I put a hand under her belly and drew her up to where I could guide myself into her easily from behind. If you are to be mine, you must trust me on that point. I will be your Master, Anna, your protector and lover as well as your disciplinarian. I purchased a number of videos from various bdsm computer sites and we watched them nightly, starting with the milder bondage scenes of young women trussed up and hogtied in many imaginative and painful predicaments, and progressing to the more savage versions where the girls are forced to endure extreme erotic torture and sexual incursions.It was also clear that she was an extraordinary butterfly trapped in society's web of numbing conformity. Four drinks later her defensive shyness crumbled and she let herself follow me to a quiet corner booth. But the boys who verbally salivated over her lush body and exquisite face, who poured out their devotion with tender endearments, plied her with extravagant gifts and wooed her with ringing testaments of their adoration, bored her silly. What really turned her on, she confided through the haze of her growing intoxication, was to be treated badly. I walked slowly around her, trailing the length of her long, dark, honey hair through my fingers.

This does not come easily and naturally to any human being, but to some it is the only path to a satisfying life.

I knew from the moment I met Anna that I had to have her. Well now, by God, she's going to understand the meaning of "control." And not by force. Shocked by her own behavior, she would then withdraw again into the hang-tail, guilt-ridden shell of her Catholic upbringing.

A wild little thing silently crying out for control. In her old vanilla life when life's arbitrary rules ground her spirit down, she reacted by unleashing a hidden wild side that often got her into trouble.

Back in the dorm the shy hang-tail girl found it impossible to express her true emotional and sexual needs to the multitude of suitors who dated her for her beauty, screwed her for their gratification and then passed on to more promising (i.e. The fools failed to recognize the wonder that lay just below the surface of the quixotic young Anna. I'm a lot older than the college boys who fumbled their opportunity to harvest this sweet treasure.

I'm also a practicing psychiatrist and know a thing or two about how to coax dark secrets from unhappy humans.

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