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LED lighting in cars is attractive, refreshing and provides an appealing contemporary touch.

Thanks to LEDs, drivers can design their own personal atmosphere within their car.

Cualquiera se fascinaría ante la dulzura del chico, hasta un simple estudiante unoversitario cayó rendido ante sus encantos.

There are two ways to control the ambient lighting – choose a color to perhaps enhance your mood or let the car decide on colors based on driving needs, such as changing when entering a tunnel.

I hate to put numbers on dates, because some people connect quickly and others, well,. Theyre seeing, but looks like c14 dating is the best known. Have some shidduch dating tips or advice not mentioned here?

Wat kregen we weer een geweldige inzendingen deze week.

Max Eenschoten (Zwolle JB1), Daphne Voormolen (Victoria D1), Joep Troost (Pinoké JA1), Stijn Koning (Alliance H1) of Lara Midjek (HBS D2)?

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