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Sir Edward Heath's main accuser has today been unmasked as a convicted paedophile now in jail while a criminologist on the £1.5m inquiry said police demanded he prove the late MP was guilty.

The alleged victim claims the former prime minister raped him as an 11-year-old during a paid-for sex session at a London house in 1961.

But the man, who cannot be named and is now in his 60s, is a currently serving a long prison sentence for his campaign of sexual abuse of a teenager.

A keen sailor, Sir Edward owned five yachts between 19, all of which he named Morning Cloud.

In the latest example of what has been branded a farce, Wiltshire Police rang former Private Eye editor Richard Ingrams earlier this month because the journal often made jokes at the expense of Heath when he was PM from 1970 to 1974.

Unmarried Heath had been jokingly dubbed ‘Sailor Ted’ in a reference to rumours that he was gay.‘The policeman said he wanted to know whether I had any information on Mr Heath,’ said Mr Ingrams.‘I said, “You’re talking about jokes.” They’d obviously looked through old copies of the Eye to some extent.

Detectives investigating lurid abuse allegations against Sir Edward Heath have interviewed key figures at Private Eye – because the satirical magazine joked about his sexuality 40 years ago.

Police even visited the current editor, Ian Hislop, to ask what he knew about the former Prime Minister, despite the journalist being a teenager during the period under investigation.

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Wiltshire Police put his rape claim at the centre of its investigation and says it is one of seven credible allegations Sir Edward would be questioned under caution over had he not died in 2005.

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